The Wit and Wisdom of Dr T

image by Jennifer
Kind regards From Dr Tara J. Palmatier:

"Generally speaking, I do not believe cluster B's are capable of true and lasting change. 

This forum is to help the targets of cluster B personalities effect positive changes in themselves, so that they may extricate themselves from abusive relationships."

"They don’t need “rescuing,” they need a mood stabilizer and a warning label.

You have to start taking care of yourself and that means protecting yourself from these emotional vampires."

"The only thing they [the experts] seem to have expertise in is enabling the BPD/NPD, blaming the victim, perpetuating the cycle of abuse and not taking a stand in the court system when children are involved."

"There are a lot of psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc., who are also NPD/BPD and they instruct the victim to behave the way they want their loved ones to behave — no matter how outrageous their behavior."

"Some of these experts are the partners or family members of NPDs/BPDs and they didn’t have the courage to end the relationship and the abuse. "

"Many professionals let their religious beliefs get in the way of helping others."

"It would be far more difficult for Cluster Bs to conduct smear campaigns if their partners did not cover up their abuses"

"Having a cluster B personality disorder, therefore, means that she has a bad character, zero empathy for the pain she inflicts upon others (including you) and takes no responsibility for her choices and actions."